MediCredit installment loan

In cooperation with MediCredit OÜ, we offer a good opportunity to pay for the service conveniently in monthly installments.

Why use a MediCredit?

  • Loan amount from 150 to 6000 euros
  • Initial deposit 0 euros
  • Contract fee 0 euros
  • Monthly administration fee 0 euros
  • Favorable interest · Interest is calculated only on the loan balance!
  • You can repay the loan within a period that suits you – from 3 months to 4 years

Make a smart and informed choice!

The loan issued by MediCredit OÜ is a financial obligation.

Before applying for a loan, we recommend that you consider your financial possibilities and the period during which it is possible to return the loan. Think carefully about your decision, familiarize yourself with the conditions and, if necessary, consult with our specialists, who will find a suitable solution for you.
For example, when borrowing 1,200 euros for 48 months, the interest rate is 13.51% per year on the loan balance, the down payment is 0%, the contract fee is 0 euros, the total amount of payments is 1,560 euros, and the payment in monthly annuity payments is 32.50 euros per month. The annual APR is 14.4%.

Loan calculator