Frequently asked Questions

Aesthetical tourism is a term in which a client travels to a foreign country to perform a procedure in the chosen aesthetic field. In the case of aesthetical tourism, the booked package is a full solution, i.e. the price includes:

  • broneeritud protseduur
  • booking flight tickets if necessary
  • välisriigis kohapealsed transfeerid: lennujaam-hotell-kliinik-hotell-lennujaam
  • if necessary, the presence of an English language translator on site

The consultants of the Estonian agency Biome Clinic are there to help you choose the best solution for you based on your personal wishes and advise on the selection of the procedure based on personal experience and knowledge.

First, please forward the oral x-ray to the Biome Clinic e-mail address: info@biome.clinic. In order for the doctor to have a vision of the situation of the mouth and teeth, and based on this, the individual offer is adjusted. Kliendil tuleb otsustada, kas soovida hammaste lamineerimist, hambakroone või hamba implantaate. Kõike seda on võimalik ka kombineerida.

We recommend bringing the necessary hygiene items, comfortable clothes and shoes. Depending on the procedure, it is possible to include a companion on the trip free of charge (an additional flight ticket must be purchased), who stays in the same hotel room as the customer and helps with luggage transportation at the airports if necessary.

  • Before the consultation: prepare for the consultation, familiarize yourself with the risks and complications
  • Before surgery: Follow preoperative instructions
  • After surgery: Follow post-operative instructions and follow wound and scar care instructions
  • Narcosis: general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Depending on the procedure
  • Length of operation: depending on the procedure
  • The clinic provides: necessary instructions for follow-up treatment, depending on the procedure, a body-supporting corset/bra/necessary after-care tools (shampoos, supportive drugs/supplements, plasters)
  • Protseduuride hinnad: Protseduuride hinnad on kirjas vastava teenuse juures. Vaata teenuseid

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