Jana Sandberg

Jana Sandberg’s niche is the area of beauty and health, maintaining youthfulness both internally and externally, and she still delivers with counseling and training in this field.

I have worked mostly in tourism and health in my life. I love traveling and healthy beauty, so I decided to combine the two and Biome Clinic was born from that.

Thanks to my personal knowledge and experience, plus consulting work, I have come across many different experiences, I have studied stories and feedback related to the field of plastic surgery from all over the world, and through the Biome Clinic concept created today, we offer people the best service quality and attitude.

We take care that the journey of health and beauty leads you to the best results.

So that the aesthetical trip is memorable and you return home more beautiful and satisfied than before. That’s the goal.

Enjoy the luxurious beauty that life has to offer you.