Dr. Zafer Atakan, a world renowed plastic surgeon from Istanbul, is visiting Tallinn AGAIN in March 2024, and we invite certified physicians, aesthetic medicine nurses and doctors to the trainings under the guidance of Dr. Atakan.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and learn from Dr. Atakan, a highly experienced specialist in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Join us for a rewarding and educational experience!


The number of participants is limited, let us know if you are coming:

info@biome.clinic or call +372 5111 403 or fill this contact form

    Full Day Hands-on Workshop 10.03.2024

    The beginning of the day will be dedicated to a detailed exploration of the theoretical aspects of injections.. This in-depth theoretical approach will provide a strong foundation for the practical application session that follows. We believe that understanding the underlying principles is key to mastering the practice.


    In the second half of the day, we will transition from theory to hands-on practice. Participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with models. These practical exercises will encompass multiple areas including facial analysis and injectable regions. We will also delve into the exploration of various combinations and variations within the field.

    Throughout this comprehensive training day, Dr. Zafer Atakan will be present to provide individualised attention to each participant. His expert guidance will ensure that each individual is able to grasp the concepts and techniques being taught. This will enable each participant to gain maximum benefit from the session.

    Key words:

    • Botulinum injections (indications, techniques, areas, prevention of potential complications, advice, and recommendations)
    • HA filler injections (techniques, areas, avoidance of potential complications, tips, and recommendations)
    • Lip filling, Temple Hollow Treatment via Superficial Funnel
    • Jawline shaping & contouring with a cannula
    • Treatment of nasolabial folds
    • Skin booster applications
    • And much more
    The price of the training is €1590+km. Payment by invoice.

    Dr. Zafer Atakan is a highly experienced and board-certified Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist. He is the director and owner of Europlast Aesthetics Center in Istanbul, Turkey. With over 27 years of experience, Dr. Atakan specializes in facial reconstruction, rhinoplasty, breast surgeries, and abdominoplasty.

    He has received training and further education from renowned international hospitals and clinics, including St George Hospital in London, St Marcus Krankenhaus Uni Klinik in Frankfurt, Rudolfinerhaus Hospital in Vienna, and El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Texas, USA. Dr. Atakan is known for his expertise in Vaser and Laser Lipoplasty, high defined six-pack lipoplasty, and hair implants. He also offers a variety of other aesthetic procedures such as buttock shaping and non-surgical facelift using the Spring Thread method.

    Dr. Atakan is a member of various prestigious organizations including the Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS). He has attended numerous domestic and international congresses, symposiums, and meetings as a lecturer and participant.